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Digital Marketing Info believes in establishing robust business-client relationships. We would like all our potential clients to go through this disclosure before signing any deal with us.

We indeed receive a commission when people purchase any product or service through our links. But this kind of agreement is not included in all the products or services.

Now, definitely, these commissions won’t affect the reviews or opinions shared over the web.

Our aim is to promote every product or service even if that contains less commission. No wonder, the quality of the advertisement will remain the same for all.

Again we would like to mention the fact that we prefer promoting less-commission offering products over the highly paid ones, as they offer better quality.

Besides creating promotional content, we even share valuable information absolutely free of cost. However, we have a separate corner for affiliate commissions and sponsored articles.

While we share this disclosure with you, we ensure all our points are valid and adhere to the FTC Disclosure policy. Though this is not mandatory, still we prefer to abide by their guidelines as we have clients promoting brands in the US.

We prefer to keep transparency while serving all our clients. To know more, you can definitely reach us now.