11 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2022 with High Income

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Bloggers and website owners who want to monetise their blog or site can use Google AdSense alternatives. Because there is so much competition in the market, determining which ones would perform best for your niche can be tough.

Here’s a list of best Google Adsense Alternatives for the year 2022 with High Income

  • Media.net:

Media.net, which is powered by Yahoo! and Bing, is one of the top Google AdSense alternatives. It provides highly paid contextual advertising that is totally personalised (to match the design and feel of your blog).

Media.net is the only one that maintains ad quality after AdSense, which is why it is the most preferred ad network.

It only accepts high-quality blogs so if you are getting decent traffic daily (especially from countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia) then you can apply now

Even the review process is speedier than Google Adsense; you’ll find out the status of your blog in as little as two business days (whether it gets approved or declined).

It is also one of the most important markets for advertising looking to optimise their brand exposure. As a result, you have a better chance of getting highly relevant adverts on your blog and earning a decent amount of money.

The minimum payout is $100, and payments are made on a monthly basis. Wire Transfer and PayPal are the two payment methods available.

  • InfoLinks:

Infolinks is a well-known text-based advertising network. It has four different sorts of ad units: Inframe, Infold, Intag, and Intext.

Bloggers appreciate the intext ad unit because it doesn’t take up any additional space on their blog. In other words, when someone hovers their mouse pointer over a few keywords in your blog post, it displays highly targeted and relevant ads. And you get compensated every time someone clicks on these adverts.

Unlike other Google Adsense competitors, approval is quick, and there are no rejections or minimum website views or visitors criteria. It’s simple to set up and allows you complete control over ad personalization and ad unit selection.

Publishers get a 70 percent cut of the revenue. The minimum payment is $50, with PayPal, Wire, Western Union, Payoneer, ACH, and eCheck as payment alternatives. After 45 days, payment is paid.

  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

Amazon Native Shopping Ads aren’t like Google Adsense Ads at all.

They work similarly to affiliate links in that you get money when a sale occurs rather than when you click on advertising. In this situation, the commission ranges from 4% to 8%, depending on the product.

It has three different ad formats: recommended advertisements, search ads, and custom ads.

The best part is that it scans the content of the post and displays relevant advertising (items) on every page.

It is simple to put into practice. With the aid of the WordPress plugin Ad inserter or Ad injection, you can embed the code.

If you have a blog where you talk about Amazon products and get a lot of visitors from the United States, you should definitely test Amazon Native Shopping Ads. It can be considered one of the greatest Google AdSense alternatives.

In truth, Amazon native shopping ads and Google Adsense ads are interchangeable.

Payment Information:
Wire transfer, Payoneer, and Amazon Gift Cards are all acceptable ways of payment.

Amazon Bounty Program
Users’ all-time favourite Google Adsense alternative for monetizing their site traffic by promoting relevant incentives is Amazon Bounty Program. In terms of payment, it is not comparable to Adsense. You get a fixed commission for each referral here. If you’re marketing Prime Pantry, for example, you’ll make $3 if someone signs up for the 30-day Prime Pantry Free Trial.

The commission varies depending on the bounty. All bounties have a thorough description, commission fee, start and finish dates, kind, categories, banners, and bounty affiliate links.

To get the most out of the Amazon Bounty programme, first, figure out what your audience is interested in, then choose a bounty to advertise on your blog.

If you run a shopping blog, for example, Amazon Prime and Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry are both excellent ways to promote and make money.

This is how you can get started with the Amazon Bounty Program.

  • Join Amazon Associates by clicking the links below. https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ for US audiences.
  • Click on Amazon Bounty Program in the Promotions section. A list of available bounties may be found here. If you don’t see anything, select the option/button to display all bounties.
  • Now go through the list and choose one that is relevant to your audience (imagine yourself in your audience’s shoes and consider why you would join or is it the best bounty you’d like to try?).
  • Once you’ve picked the bounty you want to advertise, click the get link button to generate your affiliate link.
  • Now is the time to make a commission by recommending bounty in revenant blog posts.


  • VigLink:

In comparison to other ad networks, VigLink functions in a unique way. It converts external links into affiliate links, which means you get paid if someone buys something through your outgoing connections.

Or, to put it another way, you are paid per affiliate sale, not each click.

If you write about items (mobile phones, apps, software, and so on) and believe your material has a buyer persona, VigLink is worth a shot. Even your affiliate links are unaffected.

It helps you save a lot of time. You don’t have to sign up for a lot of affiliate programmes separately. By transforming your outgoing links into affiliate links, it takes care of everything for you.

Viglink takes a 25% commission, and you get 75% of that back in your account.

Yes, it can be used with AdSense and other networks (as long as you follow AdSense’s policies). It’s simple to set up and does not affect SEO.

In reality, it gives you complete control over how the linking will take place.

There is no requirement for minimum traffic. Apply now to start earning money from your outbound connections.

Information about how to pay:

  • $10 is the minimum payout.
  • PayPal is one of the payment tools available.
  • Duration of payment: 60 days


  • Skimlinks:

Skimlinks is one of the greatest Google Adsense alternatives for efficiently monetizing commerce content. It functions in the same way that Viglink does. Yes, it doesn’t take up any more room on your blog. It converts your outbound links that aren’t monetized into affiliate links.

You are rewarded every time someone purchases something through these affiliate links. It retains a quarter of your commission.

The thing that sets it apart from Viglink is that you don’t have to apply for merchants individually.

Once you’ve been approved by Skimlinks, you’ll have access to 20,000 merchants, which is a significant number.

Skimlinks is ideal for new blogs because top affiliate networks are hesitant to approve accounts with low traffic and authority.

It’s simple to use and compatible with WordPress (offers WordPress plugin). If you have a blog with potential buyers, you should give Skimlinks a shot. It has the potential to treble your earnings.

If you ask about which is better between Viglink and Skimlinks, test both and see which works best for you.

Information about how to pay:

  • $10 is the minimum payout.
  • PayPal is the preferred method of payment.
  • Payment Timeframe: 30 Days.


  • PropellerAds:

PropellerAds is a well-known and reputable CPM network. It’s a CPM network, which means it pays you per 1000 views.

There are four different sorts of ad formats available. Onclick Ads, Native Ads, and Native Interstitials are all examples of push notifications.

You can try each one at a time to see which one works best for your blog.

It maintains 20% of the publisher’s revenue and gives them the other 80%.

Although it is not comparable to Google AdSense (the CPC Network pays for each click), it is a viable option for monetizing your traffic.

Propeller Ad Network should not be used for all specialised blogs because it displays pornographic adverts as well (reported by some users at various forums and blogs).

Give it a trial if you have blogs about music, file sharing, torrents, games, downloads, or viral material. When compared to other niches, you will undoubtedly receive high CPM rates.

The best part about Propeller Ads is that it can also be used with Google AdSense.

Payment Information:

  • Minimum Payout: $100 the first time, $25 thereafter (for all payment methods except Wire), $500 the second time (Wire).
  • PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney, Prepaid Cards, and more methods of payment are available.
  • Payment Timeframe: 30 Days

For blogs, these were the ideal and most effective Google Adsense alternatives. Though there are other ad options and blog monetization methods, such as selling reviews and affiliate marketing, these Google Adsense Alternatives are ideal for anyone looking for monetization schemes other than AdSense.

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